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The Great Seal
  1. Jean Jacques Gicquel,
  2. Arun Singh,
  3. Harminder Dua

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    Money can slip through the hands so quickly that one may not appreciate or even notice its finer detail. The “Eye” figures prominently on the United States one dollar bill where it forms part of the Great Seal. The unfinished pyramid with an all seeing eye in a triangle at its top has been popular among conspiracy theorists for many years. It was alleged to have connections with the freemasons and the Bavaria Illuminati; a secret society founded in 1776, in Ingolstadt by Adam Weishaupt, a Professor of Canon Law.

    These symbols have been part of the great seal of the United States that was established in 1776 by a committee of four men, which included Benjamin Franklin who was a freemason. However it is recorded that the symbol of the eye in the deltai was suggested by Pierre du Simitière, who in fact made …

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    • i The word Delta is used to name the Triangle of the Eye of Providence. It is the third letter of the Greek alphabet and so it is closely linked with the number 3 (the number of the Holy Trinity).

    • ii The first Masonic lodges were run by the “Master Builders” of the Cathedrals in Europe. Most of their members were hands-on architects, stone cutters and the like. They were called “Operative” because Masons from that period actually worked “physically” on the stones. Later on in the late 1600 the lodges incorporated people from the upper class and nobilities, as well who did not perform the physical labour as the “operatives” but focused only on philosophy, symbolism and rituals. These new lodges of modern freemasonry are called “Speculative Lodges”.

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