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1. What were the IA findings?

IA showed fluorescence of the large choroidal vessels with partially obscured fluorescence corresponding to the tear and hypofluorescence without choroidal fluorescence consistent with the PED. The rolled RPE blocked the fluorescence on IA as well as FA.

2. What were the differences in the healing process between the RPE tear in the arcade and the peripheral RPE tear on FA?

The tear in the arcade with poorly defined light hyperfluorescence on FA suggested that RPE cells proliferated and infiltrated the bare choroids along the tear margin. The peripheral tear with well-defined light hyperfluorescence suggested that the Bruch membrane remained denuded or replaced by unpigmented cells.

3. Why was the final VA good?

The two primary reasons for the VA improvement were the improved macular oedema and that the tear and the rolled RPE were distant from the macula.


Since RPE tears …

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