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VEGF trap-eye for diabetic macular oedema

VEGF Trap is a human recombinant fusion protein consisting of the binding domains of VEGF receptors and Fc domain of IgG. Compared with ranibizumab, VEGF Trap has a longer half-life after intraocular injection, a higher binding affinity to VEGF-A, and binds other members of the VEGF family. Do et al assessed the safety and bioactivity of a single intravitreal injection of VEGF Trap-Eye (4.0 mg) in five subjects with diabetic macular oedema. No ocular toxicity was observed. At 6 weeks, four of the five patients showed improvement in foveal thickness (31% reduction from baseline) and improvement in BCVA (three letters).

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Intravitreal bevacizumab for myopic choroidal neovascularisation

Choroidal neovascularisation is one of the significant sight-threatening complications in pathological myopia. Chan et al performed a prospective study to examine the 1-year results of intravitreal bevacizumab in 29 patients with myopic CNV. The patients received 3 initial monthly injections; additional monthly injections were performed in …

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