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Accuracy of a new partial coherence interferometry analyser for biometric measurements


Aims: Precise biometry is an essential preoperative measurement for refractive surgery as well as cataract surgery. A new device based on partial coherence interferometry technology was tested and evaluated for accuracy of measurements.

Methods: In a prospective study 200 eyes of 100 healthy phakic volunteers were examined with a functional prototype of the new ALLEGRO BioGraph (Wavelight AG)/LENSTAR LS 900 (Haag Streit AG) biometer and with the IOLMaster V.5 (Carl Zeiss Meditec AG). As recommended by the manufacturers, repeated measurements were performed with both devices and the results compared using Spearman correlation calculations (WinSTAT).

Results: Spearman correlation showed high correlations for axial length and keratometry measurements between the two devices tested. Anterior chamber depth, however, had a lower correlation between the two biometry devices. In addition, the mean values of the anterior chamber depth differed (IOLMaster 3.48 (SD 0.42) mm versus BioGraph/LENSTAR 3.64 (SD 0.26) mm); however, this difference was not statistically different (p>0.05, t test).

Conclusion: The new biometer provided results that correlated very well with those of the IOLMaster. The ALLEGRO BioGraph/LENSTAR LS 900 is a precise device containing additional features that will be helpful tools for any cataract or refractive surgeon.

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