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The eye of the tiger
  1. Harminder S Dua,
  2. Anuj S Dua,
  3. Arun D Singh

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The love-fear relationship between humans and animals is probably as old as the origin of the human species. When the Homo sapiens occupied their position at the top of the ‘food chain’ they were to be naturally feared by animals on which they preyed for food and sport. Equally, the grace, power, strength and physical structure of many animals earned them the respect and awe of humans. History and mythology contain many examples of humans according divine status to animals, worthy of worship and prayer. The Tiger has been touched by all these aspects of human nature. It adorns stamps, coins and flags. It is the ‘vehicle of the revered Hindu goddesses Durga’; the symbol of compassion and generosity to Tibetan Buddhists; has an important role in Korean mythology wherein, in an interesting legend (Korea in the eye of the tiger1 …

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