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Smoky solution to pressure problems: Fick's Ophthalmotonometer
  1. Richard Keeler,
  2. Arun D Singh,
  3. Harminder S Dua

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That raised eye pressure can damage the eye and affect vision was known long before a method to measure eye pressure was devised. The first attempt to measure the intraocular pressure was by Albrecht von Graefe in 1862. In 1857 he had introduced the ‘Iridectomy’ operation, the first effective surgical treatment of glaucoma, for the relief of pressure in the eye and wanted to determine the pre- and postoperative eye pressure measurements to assess the effect of his operations. His experimental impression tonometer was not a success nor were a number of subsequent instruments designed by Frans Donders who was the first to use the term ophthalmotonometer in 1863. …

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