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  1. Harminder S Dua,
  2. Arun D Singh, Editors-in-Chief

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Infero-eyebrow upper eyelid blepharoplasty

Hara et al describe a procedure for removing excess wrinkles from the upper lids of elderly patients. Excess wrinkles were resected with a blade and scissors or laser along the lower eyebrow margin in 157 eyes (95 patients, average age 74 years). Underresection was noticeable in 6 eyes (4%), which required another resection. All patients expressed satisfaction with the final cosmetic results. See page 109

Protective effect of ophthalmic viscoelastics

den Bruel et al compared ophthalmic viscoelastics in protecting the cornea from endothelial cell loss during cataract surgery by performing a systematic review of 21 randomised controlled trials (1769 patients). The outcome measure was loss in endothelial cell density 3 months after surgery. Direct comparison meta-analysis showed that viscoadaptives lead to a lower loss in cell density compared with very low viscosity dispersives and super viscous cohesives. The soft shell technique, showed a lower loss compared with viscous cohesives. However, the absolute observed difference in endothelial cell density …

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