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  1. Harminder S Dua,
  2. Arun D Singh, Editors-in-Chief

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Corneal changes after phacoemulsification: BSS plus versus lactated Ringer

Lucena et al compared preservation of corneal integrity in 110 patients undergoing phacoemulsification randomised to either BSS Plus (55) or Ringer (55) as the intraocular irrigating solution. Evaluations included specular microscopy for endothelial cell density (ECD), endothelial cell size variability, and central corneal thickness measurement. Groups were well balanced regarding baseline features. Overall, Ringer solution was similar to BSS plus for corneal preservation in atraumatic cataract surgery. However, there was a trend towards lower postoperative ECD with Ringer irrigation solution for surgeries with longer phacoemulsification time. See page 485

Subthreshold laser treatment for retinal macroaneurysm

Parodi et al assessed the effects of subthreshold laser treatment (STLT) in nine patients with retinal arterial macroaneurysms associated with foveal exudations and reduced visual acuity. The patients were prospectively observed for 4 months, and in absence of spontaneous improvement, they underwent STLT using an infrared diode laser. At the 4-month examination, the mean BCVA improved, whereas the mean CPT, TMV, and CST decreased. …

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