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Retinal nerve fibre layer thickness, relative afferent pupillary defect and asymmetric glaucoma
  1. Sanjay Kumar Daulat Thakur
  1. Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  1. Correspondence to Dr Sanjay Kumar Daulat Thakur, Flat 1C, Rohini Apartment, 8/1A Canal Street, Behind Entally P.S., Kolkata 700 014, West Bengal, India; skdthakur{at}

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I read with interest the article by Tatsumi et al1 on the association between retinal nerve fibre layer (RNFL) thickness and relative afferent pupillary defect (RAPD) in asymmetric glaucoma. The authors have defined unilateral glaucoma in 20 patients …

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