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Retinal and choroidal changes observed with ‘En face’ enhanced-depth imaging OCT in central serous chorioretinopathy
  1. Mathieu Lehmann,
  2. Benjamin Wolff,
  3. Vivien Vasseur,
  4. Virginie Martinet,
  5. Nadine Manasseh,
  6. José Alain Sahel,
  7. Martine Mauget-Faÿsse
  1. Department of Vitreo-Retinal Surgery, Rothschild Ophthalmologic Foundation, Paris, France
  1. Correspondence to Dr Mathieu Lehmann, Department of Vitreo-retinal surgery, Rothschild ophthalmologic foundation, 25 rue Manin, Paris 75019, France; mathieulehmann{at}


Aims To describe retinal and choroidal changes in acute and quiescent central serous chorioretinopathy (CSC) observed with ‘En face’ spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD OCT) combined with enhanced-depth imaging (EDI).

Methods A prospective and descriptive study at the Rothschild Ophthalmologic Foundation (Paris, France) between September 2011 and February 2012. Eyes with a clinical diagnosis of CSC were examined using SD OCT with EDI, fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography. 3D reconstruction of 197 transverse sections with SD OCT, spaced of 30 μ, provided a virtual macular brick through which 496 sections in the coronal plane resulted in a C-scan or En face OCT image.

Results 23 of 29 eyes (79%) had serous retinal detachment (all active CSC) and 22 had pigment epithelial detachment (75%). Pigment epithelial hyperplasia was visualised in nine eyes (31%). Posterior cystoid retinal degenerations were present in five eyes (17%). The mean choroidal thickness was 491.5 μ. In 11 eyes (38%), En face OCT showed multiple hyper reflective points located at the level of the choriocapillary layer and choroidal cavitations were found in two patients.

Conclusions En face OCT imaging using SD OCT is an easy, reproducible, non-invasive and effective tool to understand choroidal changes in acute and quiescent CSCR. It provides complementary morphological information, describes new semiological entities and might substitute other exams in the future.

  • Choroid
  • Retina
  • Diagnostic tests/Investigation

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