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  1. Keith Barton,
  2. James Chodosh,
  3. Jost Jonas, Editors in Chief

Statistics from

Wong et al (page 1)

A retrospective review of 73 patients who were exenterated for orbital malignancy betewen 1998 and 2010 reporting a 5-year survival of 64%. Histological diagnosis influences statistical significance on life expectancy, whereas surgical margins do not. Overall prognosis for patients remains poor.

Snyder et al (page 5)

Temporal iris stromal atrophy can occur from iris prolapse during phaco, especially in floppy iris. Imbricating iris stromal oversewing of the anterior stroma can reduce or eliminate glare from focal transillumination.

Findl et al (page 7)

A novel concept of intra-operative optical coherence tomography measurements of the aphakic eye results in a significantly improved refractive outcome compared to pre-operative measurements.

Luithardt et al (page 11)

A study to validate the EyeSuite version of the German Adaptive Threshold Estimation (GATE), a new thresholding algorithm for automated static perimetry reporting good-to-acceptable agreement between GATEp and GATEe.

Richman et al (page 16)

Prospective cross-sectional study of patients with glaucoma and controls to detmine the ability of a novel, internet-based contrast sensitivity test to identify patients with glaucoma and to determine the test-retest variability.

Radcliffe et al (page 21)

An observational case series of 49 patients with glaucoma and optic disc haemorrhages in whom …

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