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  1. Keith Barton,
  2. James Chodosh,
  3. Jost Jonas, Editors in Chief

Statistics from

Melki et al (see page 1460)

Cataract surgery in the UK independent sector has similar or better outcomes as compared to nationally published data

Hayashi et al (see page 1466)

A distance dominant diffractive multifocal intraocular lens with a near addition of +2.5 dioptres provided useful visual acuity at all distances and especially far to intermediate distance, with no deterioration in contrast sensitivity with and without glare

Rahi et al (see page 1471)

Primary IoL implantation in children under two years of age with bilateral and unilateral cataract confers an increase in the risk of further intraocular surgery with no clear visual benefit

O'Brien et al (see page 1477)

Among eyes with a functioning trabeculectomy, primary penetrating keratoplasty grafts had greater survival rates compared to primary Descemet's stripping endothelial keratoplasty grafts.

Alio et al (see page 1483)

KeraKlear Keratoprostheses can be implanted onto the deep corneal stroma or directly onto Descemet's membrane without penetrating into the anterior chamber. This technique may …

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