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Role of macular hole angle in macular hole closure


Aim To evaluate correlation of various spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) parameters including macular hole angle as well as various indices with anatomical and visual outcomes after idiopathic macular hole repair surgery.

Methods Retrospective study of 137 eyes of 137 patients who underwent idiopathic macular hole repair surgery between January 2008 and January 2014 was performed. Various qualitative parameters such as presence of vitreomacular traction, epiretinal membrane and cystic edges at the macular hole as well as quantitative parameters such as maximum diameter on the apex of the hole, minimum diameter between edges, nasal and temporal vertical height, longest base diameter and macular hole angle between the retinal edge and the retinal pigment epithelium were noted. Indices including hole form factor, Macular Hole Index (MHI), Diameter Hole Index and Tractional Hole Index (THI) were calculated. Univariate and multivariate regression analysis was performed separately for final visual acuity (VA) and type of closure as dependent variable in relation to SD-OCT parameters as independent variables.

Results On multivariate regression only minimum diameter between edges (p≤0.01) and longest base diameter (p≤0.03) were correlated significantly with both, type 1 closure and final VA. Among the indices, significant correlation of MHI (p=0.009) was noted with type of closure and that of THI with final VA (p=0.017).

Conclusions Our study shows no significant correlation between macular hole angle and hole closure. Minimum diameter between the edges and longest diameter of the hole are best predictors of hole closure and postoperative VA.

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