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Late in-the-bag intraocular lens dislocation in patients with uveitis


Background Late in-the-bag intraocular lens (IOL) dislocation is an unusual complication of cataract surgery, being strongly associated with pseudoexfoliation, less so with previous vitreoretinal surgery, myopia and uveitis. We present the clinical features, management and outcomes of late spontaneous IOL dislocation in a series of patients with uveitis.

Methods A retrospective case series of IOL dislocation affecting patients in the Manchester Uveitis Clinic, UK. The uveitis diagnosis, IOL type, presentation and management are discussed.

Results Six patients from out of 1056 undergoing cataract surgery (0.57%) were affected. Uveitis was the only identified risk factor for IOL dislocation, which occurred a mean 10.3 years following uncomplicated cataract surgery by phakoemulsification with endocapsular IOL implantation. The dislocation was in-the-bag in all six cases. Two patients presented with the IOL in the anterior chamber, and required removal of the IOL-bag complex, and are using aphakic refractive correction. Two patients with inferior IOL subluxation have been managed conservatively. Two patients underwent pars plana vitrectomy with sutureless scleral fixation of the existing IOL in one case, and IOL exchange with a scleral sutured IOL in the other.

Conclusions IOL dislocation is an uncommon late complication in patients with uveitis. Conservative management is appropriate in patients with tolerable symptoms, or in those with difficult uveitis. Otherwise, fixation of the existing IOL, or removal and implantation of a secondary IOL, may be necessary. Angle-supported, or iris-enclaved IOLs, are not of proven safety in this patient group; scleral-fixated posterior chamber IOLs are the favoured approach in our service.

  • Inflammation
  • Lens and zonules
  • Treatment Surgery

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