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Unilateral macular oedema in Zermatt and Stargardt-like macular dystrophies
  1. Hana Abouzeid,
  2. Thomas J Wolfensberger,
  3. Daniel F Schorderet,
  4. Francis L Munier (francis.munier{at}
  1. Jules-Gonin Eye Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland
  2. Jules-Gonin Eye Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland
  3. IRO-Institute for Research in Ophthalmology, Sion, EPFL-Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
  4. Jules-Gonin Eye Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland


    We report the first cases of cystoid macular edema associated with Stargardt and Zermatt macular dystrophies. Strikingly, cystoid macular edema was unilateral in both cases. Significant therapeutic response was achieved with oral acetazolamide.

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