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Anti-VEG F agents for diabetic maculopathy
  1. Aysha Salam (aysha_salam{at},
  2. Joanna DaCosta (dacostajoanna{at},
  3. Sobha Sivaprasad (senswathi{at}
  1. King's College Hospital, London, United Kingdom
  2. King's College Hospital, London, United Kingdom
  3. King's College Hospital, London, United Kingdom


    The management of diabetic macular oedema is changing. The therapeutic armamentarium for DMO includes a new group of drugs that inhibit vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF). These antiVEGF agents are already being used widely in DMO in clinical practice despite the fact that several phase III trials on these drugs are still underway. There are no established protocols on the use of these agents in DMO but short-term results are appealing. This review provides an update on the use of antiVEGF agents in DMO.

    While intravitreal delivery of antiVEGF agents is a relatively safe procedure, the long-term local and systemic effects of these agents in the diabetic population remain unknown. In this regard, this review also highlights the need for close surveillance of the use of these drugs in this high-risk population.

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