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One year outcomes of a bilateral randomized prospective clinical trial comparing PRK with Mitomycin C and LASIK
  1. Anelise Dutra Wallau*,
  2. Mauro Campos
  1. 1 Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil
  1. Correspondence to: Anelise Dutra Wallau, Department of Ophthalmology, Federal University of São Paulo, R. Vaz e Silva, 41, Porto Alegre, 91040-150, Brazil; anewallau{at}


Aim: To compare one year follow-up results of photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) with mitomycin C (MMC) and LASIK for custom correction of myopia.

Methods: Eighty-eight eyes of 44 patients with moderate myopia were randomized to PRK with 0.002% MMC for one minute in one eye and LASIK in the fellow eye. One year follow-up was evaluated.

Results: There were no differences between LASIK and MMC-PRK eyes preoperatively. Forty-two patients completed one year follow-up. MMC-PRK eyes achieved better UCVA (p=0.03) and better BSCVA (p<0.001) one year after surgery. SE did not differ in the two groups during follow-up (p=0.12). Clinical significant haze was not found in surface ablation eyes. LASIK eyes presented greater HOA (p=0.01) and lower contrast sensitivity (p<0.05) than MMC-PRK eyes postoperatively. Excellent vision was reported in 64% of LASIK and 74% of MMC-PRK eyes one year after surgery. Corneal resistance factor and corneal hysteresis (ORA, Reichert Inc.) were higher in LASIK than in MMC-PRK eyes (p<0.01) at last follow-up.

Conclusions: Wavefront-guided PRK with 0.002% MMC was more effective than wavefront-guided LASIK for correction of moderate myopia. Further research is necessary to determine the optimal concentration, exposure time and the long-term corneal side effect of MMC.

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