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Recommendations for the management of ocular sarcoidosis from the International Workshop on Ocular Sarcoidosis


Aims To establish expert recommendations for the management of ocular sarcoidosis (OS).

Methods A question-based survey on the management of OS was circulated to international uveitis experts (members of the International Uveitis Study Group and the International Ocular Inflammation Society) electronically. Subsequently, a consensus workshop was conducted at the 7th International Workshop on Ocular Sarcoidosis (IWOS) in June 2019 in Sapporo, Japan as part of the Global Ocular Inflammation Workshops. Statements on the management of OS that were supported by a two-thirds majority of 10 international panel members of the workshop, after discussion and voting, were taken as consensus agreement.

Results A total of 98 participants from 29 countries responded to the questionnaire survey. The subsequent consensus workshop established recommendations for the management of OS in five sections. The first section concerned evaluation and monitoring of inflammation. The second, third and fourth sections described ocular manifestations that were indications for treatment, and the management of anterior uveitis, intermediate uveitis and posterior uveitis. In the fifth section, the use of systemic corticosteroids and systemic immunosuppressive drugs were detailed.

Conclusions Recommendations for management of OS were formulated through an IWOS consensus workshop.

  • Treatment Medical
  • Inflammation
  • Drugs
  • Diagnostic tests/Investigation
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