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Comparison of biometric and refractive changes in intermittent exotropia with and without overminus lens therapy


Background Overminus lens is an effective non-surgical treatment of intermittent exotropia (IXT). Whether this treatment causes development of myopia is recently debated. This study evaluated ocular biometric changes in IXT children treated with and without overminus lens.

Methods Children with IXT were randomly assigned to control and overminus groups. Cycloplegic refraction, axial length and other parameters (keratometry, anterior chamber depth and lens thickness) were evaluated for up to 30 months and compared between the groups. Axial length to corneal curvature (AL/CR) ratio was examined as an indicator of myopia progression. Changes prior to and after overminus were also assessed in a subgroup.

Results Mean age of the total 84 subjects (58% women) was 7.2 years (range 4–15 years). Baseline refractive and biometric parameters of 39 control and 45 overminus subjects were not significantly different. Mean±SD change in refraction was −0.34±0.45D in controls and −0.41±0.66D in overminus group (p=0.527). AL increased by 0.29±0.20 millimetre (mm) in controls and 0.28±0.23 mm in overminus group (p=0.766). In the subgroup, the changes before and after overminus therapy was not significantly different (p>0.05). AL/CR ratio was maintained from baseline to follow-up visit (p=0.298) in both groups.

Conclusion No significant differences in biometry or refraction were found between the two groups and before and after the therapy. We conclude that the overminus therapy in children, not accounting for other myopia risk factors, does not affect normal refractive growths.

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  • Optics and Refraction

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