Efficacy of Silicone Punctal Plugs in Children

Mohammad J Ali, Consultant,

Other Contributors:

November 02, 2011

We read with great interest the article by Mataftsi A et al.1 We congratulate the authors for providing insights into the use of punctal plugs in children. We would like to articulate a few of our observations. In seven cases where a secondary procedure was undertaken like a subconjunctival steroid injection or placement of contact lens, we believe these would be confounding factors in the final analysis even if we presume that this was a combination effect and not replacing one another? 30/64 (46.8%) of the plugs had spontaneous extrusion and these figures should have been highlighted in a clearer way. It would be of interest to know the additive effects of bipunctal versus monopunctal occlusion as well as the results of those who underwent a repeat punctal occlusion. We once again congratulate the authors for highlighting the beneficial effects of this therapeutic modality and for their commendable work.

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