The long-term psychosocial impact of correction surgery for adults with strabismus

Gerald McGwin, ,

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July 15, 2013

We read with interest Jackson and Morris's response to our letter.

The author's indicated that it was not possible to conduct a repeated measures ANOVA using SPSS. However, SPSS provides several ways to analyze repeated measures ANOVA through the general linear model command. There are several excellent texts that illustrate how to conduct an ANOVA using a repeated measures design in the SPSS environment.

Second, they posed a question about whether it was reasonable to assume that the data collected 18 months post surgically was specifically related to data collected previously. To answer, yes, any time several measurements are collected over time on the same subject, the data points within each subject are related. Therefore the use of statistical procedures that account for this clustering must be used. The fact that the study was exploratory in nature does not preclude the application of basic statistical principles. On the other hand, the authors correctly noted that they had also analyzed the data using a 2x3 design. This approach is reasonable. Unfortunately, the actual p-values were not provided for the readers in the original article or in their response to our editorial.

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