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  • Congenital cataract surgery and glaucoma risk.
    Peter K. Rabiah

    Dear Editor

    A recent report stated it might be prudent to delay paediatric cataract surgery, at least for bilateral cases, until 4 weeks of age to lower the risk of later glaucoma,[1] and this suggestion was fully supported in an accompanying editorial [2]. Such a suggestion that could have an impact on the practice patterns of ophthalmologists and consequently the care of children with cataract should have stron...

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  • Response
    Malik Y Kahook

    We would like to thank Zaidi et al. for their interest in our publication titled, "Sustained elevation of intraocular pressure after intravitreal injections of anti-VEGF agents." [1] As stated in our publication, we believe anti-VEGF agents revolutionized the treatment of ocular neovascular disease and their overall safety profile is excellent. The points by Zaidi et al. are valid and we take this opportunity to expand...

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  • Case-control or cohort study?
    Ashutosh Tamhane

    To The Editor,

    In a recently published article by Chandra et al. the authors have stated that they conducted a "case-controlled" study to examine the anticoagulant effectiveness of warfarin in vitreoretinal surgery.(1) However, this study was conducted on a cohort of patients receiving pars plana vitrectomy (PPV); 60 patients who received warfarin (exposure) on the day of PPV were selected. These 'exposed' pati...

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  • Re: Surgery for glaucoma in the 21st century
    Andre Mermoud

    Dear Editor

    Regarding the editorial by Khaw et al.[1] we are surprised that after quite a few years now non- penetrating filtering surgery (NPFS) remains only partly understood by many ophthalmologists. There are at present two main NPFS: viscocanalostomy as described by Stegmann, in which outflow filtration is at least in theory not subconjunctival, and deep sclerectomy with or without an implant or even wi...

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  • Aspirin therapy for Giant Cell Arteritis
    Imran Masood

    Dear Editor

    I read with interest Buono et al's paper [1]. They describe in detail the value of anti-coagulant therapy in the management of giant cell arteritis. The role of anti-platelet agents however is not considered. It has been known for a number of years that thrombocytosis [2] and platelet hyper-reactivity [3] are features of giant cell arteritis. Experimental studies have shown that aspirin effectively sup...

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  • Role of OK-432 in other vascular tumours

    Your article is very interesting and indeed very promising as far the management of lymphangiomas is concerned. Do the authors think this drug has any role in the management of capillary haemangiomas or other vascular abnormalities of the eye?

  • Role of corticosteroids in fungal keratitis
    Uma Sridhar

    Dear Editor

    We read with interest the case reports by Peponis et al. on the role of corticosteroids in fungal keratitis. It is important to remember are that all antifungal drugs used in clinical practice are fungistatic. Hence while an abrupt cessation of steroid usage in recently diagnosed fungal keratitis may cause increased inflammation, continuation of steroids may cause fungi to p...

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  • We are not in the States. Beware BSCS
    Peter S Phelan

    Dear Editor

    I read with interest the editorial by Dr DF Chang on SBCS and find myself in agreement with many of his points raised. A note of caution however. Several years ago when I had converted to topical clear cornea phako I started to perform SBCS on patients I felt required this and were suitable. As I saw the benefits for both the patients and the staff I decided to extend this to the majority of my patients....

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  • Author! Author!
    Ian C Francis

    Dear Editor

    We thank the BJO for publishing our Letter to the Editor regarding appending authors' qualifications [1] and for inviting correspondence from its readership on the issue in the editorial "Who is Ivan Schwab?"[2].

    The editors wisely remind us that medical authorities have suppressed important findings by lesser-known authors, using the notable example of Semmelweis. Even today, critical new info...

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  • Phaco with oil removal: reported experience from the Moorfields Eye Hospital

    We read Frau et al's report with interest and noted that our article in Ophthalmology was not cited as reference (Larkin G, Flaxel C, Leaver P. Phacoemulsification and silicone oil removal through a single corneal incision. Ophthalmology 1998;105:2023-7). In this article, we reported our experience at Moorfields Eye Hospital with 34 eyes prospectively evaluated to l...

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