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  • Irradiation for reccurent pterygia

    The article by Forbes et al on cheek mucosa is indeed interesting and helpful in cases of reccurent pterygia, but as they have given irradiation to cases after surgery it becomes a bias as to how much better is cheek mucosa compared with conjunctiva autograft.

    Secondly, have they considered the use of buccal mucosa for the same as cheek mucosa is more difficult to harvest although I agr...

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  • Phaco with oil removal: reported experience from the Moorfields Eye Hospital

    We read Frau et al's report with interest and noted that our article in Ophthalmology was not cited as reference (Larkin G, Flaxel C, Leaver P. Phacoemulsification and silicone oil removal through a single corneal incision. Ophthalmology 1998;105:2023-7). In this article, we reported our experience at Moorfields Eye Hospital with 34 eyes prospectively evaluated to l...

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  • Experience from the Kikuyu Eye Unit in Nairobi

    I have visited the Kikuyu Eye Unit near Nairobi on a yearly basis since 1992, and have witnessed at first hand both there and in Somalia the enormous burden of poverty and ill health described and quantified in the editorial. What strikes me very forcibly is the sheer number of hugely disadvantaged people. This, and the distressing and widening disparity in health and income between these peopl...

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  • Role of OK-432 in other vascular tumours

    Your article is very interesting and indeed very promising as far the management of lymphangiomas is concerned. Do the authors think this drug has any role in the management of capillary haemangiomas or other vascular abnormalities of the eye?