Table 6

Patients with Usher syndrome 3—clinical information

No Age/ sex Age diag deafness Audiogram Vestibular function Age diag RP Age visual symptom VA ERG (mV) Cat Field (°) Pigment degen
240/MteensProgression to corner profoundNP36266/60<75mild PSLOmod constrictionRP sine pigmento
3* 49/M14Progression sloping mod/sev++40206/9extno10Moderate
654/M16Progressed to profoundNP1616no PLextnoextExtensive
8* 52/F12NR++36366/9<75early PSLO10Extensive
31* 61/F5Progression sloping mod/sev++21136/12extmild PSLO10Extensive
34* 39/F2 yearsProgression from mod/sev to NR++38386/6mild reduction ERG and EOGnofullModerate
  • NR = non-recordable; RP = retinitis pigmentosa; NP = not performed; PSLO = posterior sub capsular lens opacities; ext = extinguished; Cat = cataract; diag = diagnosis; pigment degen = pigmentary degeneration; *clinically reassessed.