Table 1

Renal and ocular features of patients with thin basement membrane disease (TBMD)

PatientSexAge (years)FHHaemProteinBPCorneaLensRetina
IMF491801.6+PigmentNRetinal pigment epithelial clumping maculopathy 15 dots
IdSF63>5000.2+Arcus, corneal dystrophyCataract2 dots
RBF30630.1NNN7.5 dots
OMF30+1001.34NDotsN4 dots
JHM54>5000.5+NDots0 dots
DCF37100.86NDotsN3.5 dots
RBF35+1000.3NNN8 dots
AMF511000.2NDotsN3 dots
RLF48100.1NNN4.5 dots
GKF36400.1NDotsDots6 dots
MLF49900.1+ArcusN5.5 dots
RHF44120.1NNDots2 dots
DHF361000.3NNN8 dots
ICF59200.4+Dots, arcusN5.5 dots
MBF60+480.1NNN10 dots
JKF52+740.3NCorneal dystrophyN0.5 dots
MDF41micro1.38NNN3 dots
  • N = normal; FH = family history of TBMD; Haem = number of RBC × 106/l; micro=microscopic haematuria; proteinuria in g/24 hours; BP + = blood pressure greater than 140/90 mm Hg; retinal dot counts are given as mean number per individual (left + right eye ÷ 2).