Table 2

Renal and ocular features of patients with IgA glomerulonephritis or Alport syndrome

(A) IgA glomerulonephritis
Patient Sex Age Haem Pro BP Renal function Cornea Lens Retina
JJF37++ABNNNN0 dots
LJF64++NNdotsN0 dots
JBM58++NABNNN100 dots
JMM39++NNNN0 dots
FEF46++NABNNN0 dots
FDF38NNNN0 dots
CLM23+NNNN0 dots
HPM51+NNNN0 dots
TWM51++NABNNN0 dots
FRFNo further detailsNN0.5 dots
(B) X linked Alport syndrome
Patient Sex Age (years) FH Hearing Renal function Age at renal failure Cornea Lens Retina
DHM17+AbnN, haemNACorneal dystrophyDots1 dot
PH F45+NN, haemNACorneal dystrophyN0.5 dot
JTF46+NN, haemNANOpacity6 dots
NHM30AbnTransplant15DotsScissor’s reflexDots and flecks
ACM34AbnTransplant17NNDots and flecks
CHF37+NN, haemNANN1 dot
  • Haem = + RBC greater than × 106/l; Pro = proteinuria + more than 0.3 g/day; BP + = blood pressure more than 140/90 mm Hg; FH = family history; N = normal; Abn = abnormal; NA = not applicable.

  • PH and DH are mother and son; electron microscopy of PH’s renal biopsy was typical of Alport syndrome, but DH has not had a biopsy.