Table 2

S-antigen (S-Ag) and interphotoreceptor retinoid binding protein (IRBP) intranasal tolerance therapy suppresses RE induced EAU to the same extent as RE tolerance therapy

Tolerising antigen Incidence (eyes) Clinical score Histological score
IRBP + S-Ag  8/81.752.13
IRBP 8/81.252.13
  • All animals were immunised with 250 μg/rat of retinal extract (RE). This table represents a combination of two experiments.

  • 20 μg/ml of S-Ag and 50 μg/ml of IRBP were used during tolerising process.

  • Suppression of histological disease day 21 after immunisation, compared with control animals (phosphate buffered saline, PBS) is significant; p<0.02.