Table 1

Values of the optic disc variables in 104 normal subjects

Variable (unit)MeanSD
Contour variation (mm)0.3700.095
Mean contour depth (mm)−0.0090.078
Cup shape−0.0580.031
Effective area (mm2)1.1010.407
1/2 depth area (mm2)0.4360.232
C/D ratio 0.4330.116
NRRA (mm2)1.4010.355
Volume above (mm3)0.2270.081
Volume below (mm3)−0.2620.145
1/2 depth volume (mm3)−0.0530.037
Average depth (mm)−0.2200.075
Maximum depth (mm)−0.5360.185
Average slope (degree)31.2446.016
Maximum slope (degree)77.4554.496
  • C/D= cup/disc; NRRA = neuroretinal rim area.