Table 1

Incidence of choroidopial veins

Reference Age Section orientation No of veins Pathology
Col 2UnknownTS1Unknown
Col 3 45 LS 3 Melanoma (choroid)
HG782TS 10 Carcinoma (maxilla)
HG8 55 TS/LS11 Carcinoma (ethmoid)
HG10 70 LS 3Melanoma (conjunctiva)
HW17 21TS/LS3Perforating injury
HW21 UnknownLS 0 Donor
HW22 12TS 2 Donor
AM1 38TS0Donor
AM2 60 LS0Donor
  • Number of choroidopial veins at the level of the pia mater.

  • Only half of the nerve head was examined.

  • TS = transverse section; LS = longitudinal section.