Table 1

Clinical data of the patients involved in the study

Clinical diagnosisNoMean age/range
Interval (range)
Inflammation related:
Keratitis967.2/58–764/5127.4 (10–360)
Graft rejection853.5/20–843/5 46.6 (3–204)
Alkaline burn352.3/42–65 3/0 146.7 (77.5–420)
Corneal trauma 228.5/23–361/110.5 (0.5–10)
Non-inflammation related:
Pseudophakic bullous keratopathy1568.7/30–838/748.5 (3–118)
Graft endothelial failure2 51/50–52 2/040.5 (33–48)
Fuchs’ endothelial dystrophy 6 71.8/65–79 2/4n
Keratoconus 931.1/22–456/313.2 (9–18 years)
Scrofulous scar256/37–75 2/0 n
Lattice dystrophy1 67F n
Meesmann dystrophy1 64Fn
  • Time periods (months) from the first clinical event (for keratitis, alkaline burn, and corneal trauma) or previous surgery (for graft rejection, graft failure, and pseudophakic bullous keratopathy) to the corneal allografting.

  • Time period (years) from the initiation of spectacle wearing to the keratoplasty.

  • n = not confirmed.