Table 2

Expression of CD44 on human corneal tissue

Clinical diagnosis No Epithelium Stroma cells Endothelium
Normal4 + ++A
Inflammation related:
Keratitis9 +2++6(1)++BC –7D++2
Graft rejection8 ++7(1) +2++6BC +5++1(2)
Alkaline burn 3++ ++C ++1–2D
Corneal trauma2 ++++BC ++
Non-inflammation related:
Pseudophakic bullous keratopathy15 +9++4(2) +2++13 +3++5(7)
Graft endothelial failure 2+ ++ +
Fuchs’ endothelial dystrophy6++1++5 +2++2(2)
Keratoconus9++2++7 –9D
Scrofulous scarring2++1++1 D
Lattice dystrophy1+++D
Meesmann dystrophy1 +++D
  • Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of cases in which no cell layer existed on the slide. Superscript numbers show the number of patients with positive staining at different levels of staining intensity as indicated.

  • A = CD44 positive vascular endothelium in the corneal limbal stroma.

  • B = CD44 positive neovascular endothelium.

  • C = CD44 positive infiltrate.

  • D = endothelial cells relatively normal in morphology and amount.