Table 2

Self estimated degree of visual functional problems while driving before surgery in relation to mean visual acuity (MVA) (SD) before and after surgery in operated, fellow, and better eye, respectively

No problems Some problems Large problems Not driving
Before surgery:
 MVA eye to be operated1.36 (0.61)0.99 (0.61)1.05 (0.61)1.34 (0.61)
 MVA fellow eye0.15 (0.19)* 0.23 (0.26)** 0.21 (0.22)0.44 (0.47)
After surgery:
 MVA operated eye0.06 (0.06) 0.14 (0.17) 0.23 (0.33) 0.20 (0.27)
 MVA better eye0.05 (0.05)0.08 (0.19)0.17 (0.31)0.16 (0.25)
  • Significant improvement of MVA after surgery in the operated eye at a level of p<0.0001. **Significantly less improvement in MVA of the fellow eye before surgery for non-drivers compared with the various groups of drivers at a level of p<0.001 and *p<0.01.