Table 1

Details of children registered blind

Gestation (weeks)Birth weight
SexVisionCauseOther abnormalities
26810MLight perceptionROPSacral agenesis: lower motor neuron palsy Not testable on WISC
26840FLight perceptionROPNone
27900FLight perceptionROPModerate CP. Not testable on WISC
25670MNilROPMild CP: epilepsy, >3 SD below mean on WISC
291061FLight perceptionCortical (no ROP)Severe CP, PVL. Not testable on WISC
261001MHand movementCortical (ROP
stage 3, resolved)
Moderate CP. Not testable on WISC
291480M0.5/40 R and LOptic nerve hypoplasia (no ROP)Moderate CP. >3SD below mean on WISC
  • CP = cerebral palsy; WISC = Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children–Revised; PVL = periventricular leucomalacia.