Table 2

Comparison of visual abnormalities at 7–8 years in children with and without acute retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)

ROP+ROP−(or NA)Significance
Any visual abnormality79%60%p<0.0164%
Distance VA
 <4/10: worse eye29%15%p<0.0518%
 <4/40: worse eye12%1%p<0.0013%
 <4/10: better eye19%5%p<0.0018%
 <4/40: better eye10%1%p<0.0013%
Near VA worse than N.5
 worse eye16%8%NS10%
 better eye14%5%p<0.056%
Photoscreen myopia, any:
 worse eye36%18%p<0.0121%
 better eye25%11%p<0.0114%
Photoscreen hypermetropia, any17%19%NS18%
Photoscreen astigmatism, any6%12%NS11%
Strabismus (includes treated)33%19%p<0.0522%
Stereopsis worse than 140°14%14%NS14%
Spectacles prescribed40%16%p<0.00121%
  • Children blind from ROP have been excluded from photoscreen and stereopsis data. ROP+ = acute retinopathy of prematurity present; ROP− = acute retinopathy of prematurity not present; NA = not examined for acute retinopathy of prematurity; VA = visual acuity.