Table 1

Clinical features of cases of orbital granulocytic sarcoma (OGS)

CaseAgeSexProptosis Presentation Interval
19 yearsMaleROGS11 months
29 yearsFemaleLOGS25 days
311 yearsFemaleROGS3 months
410 yearsMaleLOGS3 months
55 monthsMaleLOGS and leukaemiaSimultaneous
68 yearsMaleROGS and leukaemiaSimultaneous
714 yearsMaleRLeukaemia8 months’ remission
  • All seven patients presented with rapidly progressive proptosis.

  • OGS denotes patients who presented with orbital granulocytic sarcoma before any evidence of systemic leukaemia. OGS and leukaemia denotes patients who developed orbital granulocytic sarcoma and leukaemia simultaneously. Leukaemia denotes patients who had leukaemia before developing orbital granulocytic sarcoma.

  • Time interval between orbital granulocytic sarcoma and systemic leukaemia.