Table 1

A summary of previous studies with 1q21-q31 linked J-POAG pedigrees

Author/year Marker with tightest linkage Recombinants
Sheffield et al 199350 D1S212D1S191-D1S194
Wiggset al 199451 D1S218D1S196-D1S212
Seghatoleslami et al199452 D1S196D1S452-D1S242
Richards et al199453 D1S210D1S194-D1S218
Meyer et al 199454 D1S212
Morissette et al199555 AFM278ye5 D1S445-D1S416
Graffet al 199556 D1S210D1S104-D1S218
Johnson et al199657 D1S433D1S445-D1S218
Meyer et al 199658 D1S452D1S194-AFM154xc9
Sheffield et al199659 AFM126yd8-AT3