Table 4

Previously success rates of trabeculectomy surgery in Afro-Caribbean patients

AuthorsNAntimetaboliteFollow upSuccess criteria% SuccessComment
Freedman3 51No19 monthsIOP <20 without med57
David4 19No6–30  monthsIOP <20 with or without med73.616 (63%) patients with add treatment
Thommy26 139No6 monthsIOP <20 without med95
Wilson27 32No28 monthsIOP <20 without med53
Mermoud28 30No9 monthsIOP <20 without med37other risk factors included
30Mitomycin (0.2  mg/ml)9 monthsIOP <20 without med83
Egbert19 31No282 daysIOP <20 without med32previous surgery included
245-FU (50 mg/ml)282 daysIOP <20 without med71intraoperative 5-FU
Current study16No18 monthsIOP <22 without med55
185-FU (25 mg/ml)18 monthsIOP <22 without med56
  • N= number of eyes.