Table 1

Mean, standard deviation (SD), and range of newborn variables and anterior segment measurements in 39 neonates

VariablesMean (SD)Range
Gestational age (weeks)33.3 (4.0)25–39
Postconceptional age (weeks)34.4 (4.1)27–40
Birth weight (g)2322 (757)963–3370
ACD (μm)1303 (201)901–1663
TIA (degree)23.13 (5.71)8.75–28.44
AOD250 (μm)142 (52)34–229
AOD500 (μm)220 (78)50–332
Iris thickness (μm)247 (35)188–306
  • ACD = anterior chamber depth; TIA = trabecular-iris angle; AOD250 = angle opening distance at 250 μm from scleral spur; AOD500 = angle opening distance at 500 μm from scleral spur; iris thickness = thickness at the thickest part of the iris.