Table 2

Regression analysis and correlation coefficients of anterior chamber depth, trabecular-iris angle, AOD250, AOD500, and iris thickness versus postconceptional age and birth weight

rr2p ValueSlopeIntercept
ACD vBW0.9350.8740.00010.231761.709
TIAv PCA0.8920.7960.00011.270−23.28
TIA v BW0.9010.8110.00010.0075.20
AOD250 vPCA0.8790.7730.000111.822−261.873
AOD250 vBW0.8860.7850.00010.0613.455
AOD500v PCA0.8060.6500.000115.787−319
AOD500 vBW0.8330.6920.00010.08330.394
Iris thickness v PCA0.7090.5030.0015.07176.174
Iris thicknessv BW 0.7370.5430.0010.027188.137
  • PCA = postconceptional age; BW = birth weight; ACD = anterior chamber depth; TIA = trabecular-iris angle; AOD250 = angle opening distance at 250 μm from scleral spur; AOD500 = angle opening distance at 500 μm from scleral spur; iris thickness = thickness at the thickest part of the iris.