Table 3

Regression analysis and correlation coefficients between anterior chamber depth, trabecular-iris angle, AOD250, AOD500, and iris thickness

rr2p ValueSlopeIntercept
ACD vAOD2500.9080.8250.00013.171838.39
ACDv AOD5000.8950.8010.00012.147817.367
ACD v iris thickness0.6600.4360.00014.334211.344
TIAv AOD2500.8970.8050.00010.0956.660
TIAv AOD5000.8930.7970.00010.0655.898
TIA v iris thickness0.7020.4930.00010.140−14.616
AOD250 vAOD5000.9020.8140.00010.6206.192
AOD250v iris thickness0.6650.4420.00011.25−168.604
AOD500v iris thickness0.5720.3270.00021.568−169.351
  • ACD = anterior chamber depth; TIA = trabecular-iris angle; AOD250 = angle opening distance at 250 μm from scleral spur; AOD500 = angle opening distance at 500 μm from scleral spur; iris thickness = thickness at the thickest part of the iris.