Table 1

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy

EyeAge at diagnosisReese group and characteristics of the eyes at diagnosisResponse to etoposide/carboplatinTreatment after chemotherapyRelapse (initial time after primary treatment)Follow up after last treatment (months)
1R4 monthsIIIcomplete fragmentationthermochemotherapycf Table2
LIV, TRDcomplete fragmentation 125I
complete reapplicationthermochemotherapy
2R3 monthsIIIpartial fragmentationthermochemotherapycf Table 2
LV, buphthalmiaocular atrophyenucleation
3R23 daysIIIcomplete fragmentationthermochemotherapycf Table2
4R6 monthsVcomplete fragmentationthermochemotherapycf Table2
2 new tumours
LIIIcomplete fragmentationthermochemotherapy
5R16 monthsIpartial fragmentationthermochemotherapycf Table2
LIIIcomplete fragmentationEBR
6R18 monthsV, TRDpartial fragmentation, TRDenucleationcf Table2
LIIIpartial fragmentationthermochemotherapy
7R15 monthsV, vitreous seeding, TRDcomplete fragmentationEBR8 months (enucleation)10
stable vitreous seeding
complete reapplication
LV, vitreous seeding, TRDidEBR18
8R10 monthsVpartial fragmentationenucleation
LIIIpartial fragmentationEBR31
9R3 monthsIIIpartial fragmentation + 3 new tumorsEBR29
10R14 monthsV, TRDTRDenucleation
LV, vitreous seeding +++partial fragmentationEBR24
reduction of vitreous seeding
11R15 monthsIIIpartial fragmentationEBR20
LIIIcomplete fragmentationEBR20
12R24 daysV, TRDpartial fragmentation, TRDEBR6 months (secondary enucleation)6
LV, TRDpartial fragmentationEBR(secondary enucleation)
13R4 monthsIpartial fragmentationabstention4 months EBR18
14R14 monthsV, vitreous seedingtotal fragmentation, stable vitreousEBR23
retinal reapplication
LVpartial fragmentationenucleation
TRD, vitreous seeding?TRD, vitreous stable
15R9 monthsIIIpartial fragmentationEBR18
LIIIpartial fragmentationEBR18
vitreous progression
16R4 monthsVpartial fragmentationEBR22 months (thermochemotherapy)5
LIV, partial RDcomplete fragmentation, complete reapplicationEBR27
17R3 monthsV, TRDcomplete fragmentationEBR18
complete reapplication
progr vitreous
LVcomplete fragmentationEBR18
partial RDcomplete reapplication
progr vitreous
18R24 monthsVNE
LV (large T)partial fragmentationEBR8 months (cryotherapy)1 (lost FFU)
vitreous +reduction of vitreous seeding
19R8 monthsVpartial fragmentationenucleation
vitreous seeding, TRD V+TRD
LVpartial fragmentationEBR24
vitreous seedingstable vitreous seeding
TRDpartial retinal reapplication
20R13 monthsV, TRDpartial fragmentationEBR7 months (secondary enucleation)13
partial fragmentation
21R5 monthsIVpartial fragmentationthermochemotherapycf Table2
partial RDcomplete retinal reapplication
22L8 monthsIIpartial fragmentationthermochemotherapycf Table 2
23L54 monthsVprogressive disease in vitreousenucleation and chemotherapy24
  • NE = not evaluable (primary enuclation); TRD = total retinal detachment; EBR = external beam radiotherapy.