Table 1

Steps of calculation of the automatic full field perfusion image analyser (Source: matrix of intensity–time curves (64×256), gained by scanning laser doppler flowmetry (HRF))

(1)Fast Fourier analysis of all intensity–time curves
(2)Calculation of the offset, flow, volume, and velocity
(3)Interactive marking of
 Rim area
(4)Automatic exclusion of
 Pixels with incorrect DC values (underexposed, overexposed pixels)
 Pixels of excavation area
 Pixels of artificial movements (saccades)
(5)Automatic characterisation of the retinal vessel tree by a vessel detection algorithm based on the intensity image and the perfusion image
(6)Automatic exclusion of vessels with a diameter greater than 30 μm
(7)Moving average of the perfusion map with 5×5 pixel size
(8)Automatic calculation and statistical analysis of total flow in the temporal, nasal, and rim area
 Mean flow
 Standard deviation
 Box plot
 Cumulative distribution curve
 Capillary pulsation index