Table 1

Patients with postoperative endophthalmitis

PatientAge/ sexMedical historyOphthalmic historyPreop VASurgeonIOLPreop prophylaxisPostop prophylaxisTime to presentationWorst VARAPDAC tapVitreous tapOrganismIOL explantationFinal VA
168/FAsthma6/12APMMAOc ChlorMaxitrol 7 DaysHMNoNoYesCoag neg staphNo6/6
272/MAortic valve replacement6/18BSPPs/c Gent/BetMaxitrol7 DaysHMNoYesNoNo growthNo6/18
372/FColectomyDry eyes6/9ASPPs/c Gent/BetMaxitrol10 DaysCFNoNoNoNANo6/6
466/MAlcohol dependence, osteoporosisFellow RD6/36CSPPs/c Gent/Bet, iv CefMaxitrol10 DaysCFNoNoYesCoag neg staphYes6/9
575/MCOAD, diverticular diseaseCFCSPPs/c BetMaxitrol4 Days6/36NoYesYes Staph aureus Yes6/12
671/MHypertension, carotid stenosis6/9ASPPs/c Gent/BetMaxitrol4 MonthsCFNoNoYes Corynebacterium diphtheroides No6/12
770/MAplastic anaemia6/18DSPPs/c Gent/BetMaxitrol4 DaysHMNoNoYesCoag neg staph, pseudomonasNo6/9
  • Dexamethasone eye drops (Alcon).

  • RAPD = relative afferent pupillary defect; COAD = chronic obstructive airway disease; RD = retinal detachment; PMMA = polymethylmethacrylate; SPP = silicone-polypropylene; s/c = subconjunctival; iv = intravenous; Gent = gentamicin; Bet = betnesol; Cef = Cefuroxime.