Table 1

Clinical details of patients included in group 1 (conjunctival epithelium covering the cornea)

AgeSexEyeInjuryFollow upArea of defect DifferenceComplicationsCorneal buds at interface
45 MRDetergent7 months58.6%56.1%2.5%Fine vesselsPresent
70 M LPost PK12 months35%33.5%1.5%Vessels, filaments Erosions ×2Present
71MLPost PK13 months26.4%26.5%-0.1%VesselsPresent
54 FLDetergent10 months28.8%23.2%5.6%Vessels, filaments Erosions ×1Present
21MRChemical5 months15%13%2%Fine vessels
Erosions ×1
40 FRDetergent6 months86.2%85%1.2%VesselsPresent
23MLAlcohol3 months18.6%15%3.6%Vessels, filaments Erosions ×2Absent
38 MRAlcohol8 months78.2%76%2.2%Vessels
Erosions ×1
32 FLSJ syndrome3.5 months56.4%58.7%-2.3%Vessels, filaments Erosions >6
68MRPost PK4 months17.3%13%4.3%Fine vesselsAbsent
  • Patients included in the study after complete re-epithelisation had occurred (follow up intervals for these patients

  • are from the time they were included in the study).

  • Area of defect refers to area covered by conjunctival epithelium.