Table 10

Results of univariate linear regression with systolic blood pressure being the dependent variable and the predictor variable for each analysis being one of the variables that was a measure of weight

BSEB95% Confidence intervals of β βSignificance
Birth weight−0.1190.044−0.21 to -0.032−0.0940.007
Weight at 1 year−0.0590.020−0.01 to -0.012−0.1020.003
Percentage weight gain in first year0.5711.754−2.87 to 4.010.0110.75
Adult weight−0.0660.062−0.189 to 0.056−0.0400.28
Body mass index (kg/m2)0.4210.2110 0.006 to 0.8350.07460.047