Table 11

Month of birth as a predictor for birth weight, weight at 1 year, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, IOP, optic nerve head cupping, and visual field defects using one way ANOVA

Dependent variableBetween groups mean squaresWithin groups mean squaresF ratiop Value
Average IOP8.897.681.160.31
Maximum IOP9.9498.2671.200.28
Average cup/disc ratio0.02130.02190.970.47
Maximum cup/disc ratio0.0190.0260.740.70
 factor 11.840.981.880.04
 factor 21.120.9971.130.34
 factor 30.4631.010.4580.93
 factor 41.510.9891.530.12
Birth weight2343200.730.70
Weight at 1 year170715991.070.39
Diastolic blood pressure83.8151.70.550.87
Systolic blood pressure234.0517.10.450.93