Table 5

Results of univariate linear regression with birth weight as a predictor for IOP, optic nerve head cupping, and visual field defects

Dependent variableBSE B95% Confidence interval for β  β p Value
Average IOP0.00230.0058−0.0091 to 0.01370.01480.69
Maximum IOP0.00190.0060−0.010 to 0.0140.01380.75
Average cup/disc ratio<0.00010.0003−0.0005 to 0.00070.0080.82
Square root of the maximum cup/disc ratio0.00020.0003−0.0005 to 0.00070.00090.54
 factor 10.00440.0025−0.0004 to 0.00930.07790.07
 factor 2−0.00140.0025−0.0063 to 0.0034−0.02580.55
 factor 3−0.00090.0025−0.0058 to 0.0039−0.0160.71
 factor 4−0.00160.0025−0.0065 to 0.0033−0.0280.51