Table 6

Results of univariate linear regression with weight at 1 year as a predictor for IOP, optic nerve head cupping, and visual field defects

Dependent variableBSE B95% Confidence interval for β βp Value
Average IOP0.00010.0026−0.0050 to 0.00520.00150.97
Maximum IOP0.000020.0027−0.0053 to 0.00530.00030.99
Average cup/disc ratio0.00020.0001−0.0001 to 0.00050.0600.11
Square root of the maximum cup/disc ratio0.000240.0002−0.0002 to 0.00050.05890.12
 factor 10.00030.0011−0.0018 to 0.00250.01290.77
 factor 20.00100.0010−0.0011 to 0.00030.04050.35
 factor 30.00090.0011−0.0010 to 0.00300.03630.41
 factor 40.00120.0011−0.0009 to 0.00340.05120.24