Table 1

Clinical interventions at routine review

1st review:(100% of patients; day 0–17%; day 1–83%)
 Raised IOPOcular hypotensive medication15
 UveitisIncreased topical steroid medication 6
2nd review: (100% of patients; average 17 (SD 6.1) days postop)
 Raised IOPOcular hypotensive medication 5
 UveitisIncreased topical steroid medication 2
 Incidental pathologyReferral to another specialty service 5
 BlepharitisLid hygiene instruction 1
 CMOOrbital floor steroid injection 1
3rd review: (48% of patients; average 53 (SD 20.7) days postop)
 Uveitis Topical steroid medication restarted 2
 Capsular opacificationYAG capsulotomy 4
 Lens material in ACLens material removed in theatre 1
 Incidental pathologyReferral to another specialty service 4
Total interventions in 1652 visits46
  • Clinical interventions were defined as any departure from predetermined routine postoperative management protocols. Uveitis = intraocular inflammation greater than expected for the stage in the postoperative course. CMO = cystoid macular oedema. AC = anterior chamber. Incidental pathology refers to the diagnosis of ocular pathology unrelated to cataract surgery.