Table 1

Mean values for the range of the 360 individual COVs for the groups of normal and glaucoma subjects

Normal rangeGlaucoma range
First 3 images0.6–461.0–49
First 4 images1.5–452.7–44
First 5 images2.0–443.3–41
All 6 images2.3–434.8–40
  • Values given as the coefficient of variations (COVs), which are defined as “the standard deviation divided by the mean” and are expressed as percentages.

  • Normal range = each polar profile has a range of 360 individual COVs and there are 10 normal eyes in the group. The demonstrated “range” represents the mean values for the 10 individual ranges from the normal subjects.

  • Glaucoma range = the same definition as stated for the normal group, except that the range applies to the 10 glaucoma subjects’ polar profiles.